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Cavity Repair in Towson, MD

Cavities are, unfortunately, very common. Most cavities will need to be filled to prevent pain and further decay. If left untreated, small cavities become large cavities, and large cavities can lead to infection, the need for more aggressive therapies like root canals, and even tooth loss. So, if you suspect you may have a cavity, turn to Towson Dental Group for thorough and effective treatment.

Often, cavities form in teeth at the back of your mouth. These areas are not visible when you smile, and a silver-colored amalgam filling will do just fine. But what about cavities in visible locations?

White Composite Fillings

Dr. Chung offers white composite fillings for these locations. Composite fillings blend in well with the natural tooth and are barely noticeable, so you get to keep an amazing smile.

Your regular cleaning and examination is an excellent opportunity to check for tooth decay. Don’t neglect these appointments. Call us now at (410) 823-0044.

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