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Comprehensive Dental Care in Towson

It is not difficult to find routine dental care in most areas of the US. However, locating a dentist that provides all the treatments you need can be much more difficult.

At Towson Dental Group, Dr. Chung not only offers preventative dental care like exams and cleanings, but he also provides most any service you or your family is likely to need. These treatments include root canal therapy, clear aligners, dentures, dental implants, crowns and bridges, and more. You can have the convenience of receiving all your dental care in a single location.

The Importance of Quality

Dr. Chung believes in thorough dental care with exacting standards of quality. You can rest assured that he will go to great lengths to make sure your assessments and treatments are performed to the highest principles. He is also committed to truly listening to your concerns and answering any questions you may have.

Be certain you are receiving quality dental care. Schedule an appointment with Towson Dental Group today.

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Transform your dental experience at Towson Dental Group. Schedule your appointment today for expert care in a comfortable and welcoming environment.
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Comfortable Dental Office in Towson

At Towson Dental Group, we understand that many patients do not look forward to visiting their dentist. We want to change this. To that end, we focus on making our office a comfortable place and providing a relaxing environment.

Not only are Dr. Chung and his team dedicated to always treating you with respect and friendliness, but you will find many amenities at Towson Dental Group including:

Free water

Designated free parking for our patients, located behind our building

Comfortable treatment chairs

Emergency care available

Just let us know if you ever need anything because we are here for you. You can reach our office at (410) 823-0044.

Towson Dental Group

Timely care to stop discomfort and address dental emergencies. We serve patients from Towson, MD and other towns in the greater Baltimore area.

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